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Discover how AIR MILES can transform your Salon

Partnership Benefits

  • Co-brand with AIR MILES®, one of the most influential brands in Canada.
  • Acquire new customers and retain them by using the strength of the AIR MILES brand.
  • Increase your sales and in-store shopping cart by offering AIR MILES® Reward Miles on all purchases.
  • Customize your offers to meet a specific business need at different time of the year.
  • Stand out from the competition with an added benefit competitors can’t match.


Program Offers
Build customer loyalty and long-term relationships that keep customers coming back by offering 1 Mile for every $20 spent on all products & services.

Bonus Offer Ideas

  • Bonus Miles on Bridal/Prom Booking rewards “50 bonus Miles on updo for special occasion”
  • Bonus Miles on Customer Referral “25 Bonus Miles when you refer a friend to our salon”
  • Bonus Miles on slow days “3x the Miles on Tuesday”
  • Bonus Miles on specific products/brands “2x Miles on CAN-RAD products”
  • Bonus Miles on social media behavior “Tag yourself at our salon and get 2x the Miles on any products”
  • Social Media Contest “Tell us what kind of hair style you like and get a chance to win 1,000 Miles”



  • 1-year minimum commitment – Contract by CANRAD
  • “Pay as you go” – monthly invoiced for Miles used (by CAN RAD)
  • no licensing/setup fee – savings of $1,800
  • no annual renewal fee – Savings of $450
  • $85 for an AIR MILES swipe machine (optional)