Why shouldn’t I just create my own reward program?

The AIR MILES Reward Program is an established and well-known reward program with 98% brand recognition and a proven track record of influencing consumer behavior using AIR MILES Reward Miles as the incentive. As such, an affiliation with AIR MILES is immediately recognizable and valuable to your customers and employees.

With AIR MILES INCENTIVES, you don’t need to invest in building your own program brand, or investing in costly IT systems, or worry about sourcing and fulfilling the rewards. It’s all taken care of!

How do I know if AIR MILES INCENTIVES will work for my business?

Over 500 Partners have seen positive results from being part of the AIR MILES Reward Program. Since every business is different, we will work closely with you to understand your needs and recommend a program design that will get the results you are looking for and be financially viable for your business.

I’m a local business – isn’t AIR MILES designed for big national chains?

AIR MILES INCENTIVES is the perfect solution for local businesses to be part of Canada’s premier coalition loyalty program. Qualified businesses simply purchase Reward Miles and issue them to customers or employees using our web-based program management tool. In fact, AIR MILES INCENTIVES works for businesses of all different sizes operating in many different industries.

How is AIR MILES INCENTIVES different from the AIR MILES® Reward Program?

The AIR MILES Reward Program is Canada’s leading coalition loyalty program whereby Collectors can earn Reward Miles for everyday purchases at over 1,000 Sponsor locations across Canada and then redeem them for a variety of rewards such as travel, electronics, entertainment, cash and more.

AIR MILES INCENTIVES is a simple, flexible and cost-effective way for your business to have a great reward program. We make it possible for qualified businesses to become Partners in the established and highly AIR MILES Reward Program to help them achieve their business goals.


AIR MILES INCENTIVES is a turn-key results-driven marketing solution that enables qualified businesses to purchase AIR MILES® Reward Miles as an incentive for its customers and/or employees.

Getting Started

How do I know if I qualify?

Simply contact us to find out quickly if your business is approved for issuing AIR MILES Reward Miles.

How long does it take to get started?

AIR MILES INCENTIVES is a turn-key solution designed to make it easy for qualified businesses to start issuing AIR MILES Reward Miles within weeks of placing your first order.

Will the program work with my own POS or will I need to invest in new IT systems?

With AIR MILES INCENTIVES, you don’t need to invest in a new IT system. With our secure web-based program management tool, rewardBANK, all you need is an internet connection. You can manage and track your program 24/7 with the click of a mouse.

What is the cost to participate in the program?

AIR MILES INCENTIVES is a flexible and cost-effective way to join the AIR MILES Reward Program. As a Promotional Sponsor, you simply pay a low initial set-up fee and then you can purchase the Reward Miles you need to drive the results you want. The costs are in your control.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and then will recommend a program design that will influence customer behaviour and be financially viable for your business.

About the AIR MILES® Reward Program

What can I do if I need help with my AIR MILES Collector card?

For assistance with your Collector account or Collector card, click here for the AIR MILES FAQ and online help, or call the AIR MILES Customer Care Centre at 1-888-247-6453.

How long does it take to earn enough AIR MILES Reward Miles to redeem for a reward?

With thousands of locations across Canada to earn from, AIR MILES Reward Miles add up quickly. And with rewards starting at 95 Reward Miles, it’s easy to reach great rewards.

What types of rewards can Collectors redeem for through AIR MILES?

The AIR MILES Reward Program offers Collectors more than 1,200 different reward options in categories like travel, electronics, kitchen appliances, sporting events and AIR MILES Cash. For a complete listing of rewards, visit www.airmiles.ca/rewards.

How many Sponsors are in the AIR MILES Reward Program?

There are over 120 participating Sponsors in the AIR MILES Reward Program in categories including grocery, pharmacy, fuel, everyday banking, credit card, and specialty retail. Promotional Sponsors (AIR MILES INCENTIVES clients) offer Collectors even more places to earn Reward Miles, with over 200 participating local businesses across Canada.

How many people collect AIR MILES Reward Miles?

Over 10 million or two-thirds of Canadian household collect AIR MILES Reward Miles.