Canadians today looking at auto shops are asking for better service, faster repairs, and reasons to return to the same shop. Auto loyalty programs may not be the first idea that springs to mind to increase repeat customers, but it is a smart one.


According to a recent report from IBIS World, there are over 27,000 auto repair businesses in Canada. This means that the competition is growing, and companies have to start thinking of ways to improve customer loyalty.


A recent study from PWC Canada indicated that within the survey respondents, over 67% indicated that they are fiercely brand loyal. This is great news for auto repair companies looking to build a strong auto repair loyalty program; brand loyalty is a strong driver of revenue.


What does that actually look like? Well, auto shop marketing ideas should include looking at how to use automotive rewards programs to increase visits, encourage strategic spending, and bring the shop’s services to more audiences.



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Dealership Loyalty Programs That Highlight Innovation

Multiple options exist for automotive loyalty programs, even inside a dealership. Every dealership focuses on service as well as sales. Reward programs focusing on giving customers things they can use are always welcomed, such as offers for free oil or a punch card that can lead to a significant discount on a future repair.


Incorporating loyalty programs into existing auto repair marketing ideas is key to increasing engagement from current customers, as well as getting them to spread the good news about the loyalty program and value-added services.


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Key Features for Customer Loyalty Programs

Auto loyalty programs are a key part of today’s auto repair marketing strategies for repair facilities of all sizes. Below are a few suggestions to consider when building a loyalty program:


  • Offer rewards for a minimum amount spent, for service upgrades or for choosing bundled services
  • Include all your reward offers in your sales and marketing materials so customers know the extra value you give for doing business with your auto repair shop
  • Promote the AIR MILES brand alongside your company brand to make it more recognizable and enhance its value in the eyes of potential customers
  • Track how much customers spend both before and after the auto repair loyalty program comes into play.


Remember that auto loyalty programs can certainly evolve over time through customer feedback; keep an open-door policy when it comes to getting constructive feedback from customers.


Adjusting the program leads to even higher satisfaction as customers realize that the company they’re doing business with genuinely wants to make improvements.



Making Loyalty Programs Part of the Company’s Core

As the old saying goes, it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep the customer that already uses the auto shop for repairs. Existing customers don’t need to be convinced that auto repair shops have value since they already know this through their current spending.


Keeping current customers happy is an objective that often gets overlooked as new business challenges arise, but the goal is always to expand business by taking care of the customers already connected to the company.



Streamlined Customer Loyalty Without Complications

Auto loyalty programs are the best strategy available for driving customer retention in a way that is measurable and easy to evaluate. However, starting from scratch is daunting when there are already other automotive service marketing ideas to implement, measure, and evaluate.


AIR MILES Incentives provides a tailored and turnkey solution that connect small businesses to meaningful rewards customers really enjoy, such as travel, entertainment and attractions, merchandise, AIR MILES Cash®, and more.


Let AIR MILES Incentives reduce the implementation time of your auto repair loyalty program, and increase customer satisfaction with your auto shop.


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