Who are your happiest and most loyal customers? Do you know them by name? If not, it might be time to get to know them and devote a little more time to keeping them happy.

Generally speaking, most businesses know the value of having a positive reputation, and that reputation is always in flux. At this very minute, people are out there talking about the recent experiences they’ve had with your company.

While you can’t make everyone happy 100% of the time, most businesses have a group of highly satisfied, loyal customers who keep coming back. These happy customers are your brand advocates. They are your best customers, your cheerleaders, and they are out there, right now, singing the praises of your business to their friends and families. It might seem like an easy concept, but many businesses still don’t realize the impact that happy, loyal customers make on their bottom line.

To illustrate the value, here are some facts about customer advocacy:

A 12% increase in customer advocacy can result in 200% revenue growth.

Brand advocates spend twice as much as average customers.

92% of consumers say they trust the recommendations of people they know.

90% of consumers said that a word-of-mouth recommendation was the leading influence in their purchase decision.

These stats may lead you to wonder what you can do to encourage your own brand advocacy. Basically, it’s important to ensure your happy customers want to root for your business, and you can do that by engaging them more and rewarding them for their enthusiasm.

Here are some of our favourite ideas to boost brand advocacy:

  • Celebrate your happy customers on social media
  • Reward them with special offers for frequent purchases 
  • Empower them by rewarding customer referrals
  • Set up special offers for special occasions like birthdays

Overall, it can be easy and very worthwhile to nurture the relationships you have with your happiest clients. You will get more positive reviews, referrals, word-of-mouth marketing, and above all, grow your business. So, get to know your brand advocates and expand on these relationships. You’ll be happy you did!

Our team of loyalty experts are here to help. We will build a loyalty program that is customized for your specific business goals. If advocacy is one of those goals, the AIR MILES Reward Program can be the perfect addition to your marketing plan. 

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