Motivating customers to make purchases is the main goal of most marketing plans. But, effectively motivating a customer takes more than just an eye-catching advertisement. Even when your ad works, it could be just an expensive way to make a single sale with no guarantee that the customer will ever come back.

In order to keep customers coming back to a business, you must understand what truly motivates them. Building connections with your customers through incentives will help ensure that they come back. Then, they will go on to positively influence others which will result in exponential growth for your business.

How can you build meaningful connections with your clients and incentivize them for life? Customers are motivated to purchase by the following psychological factors – which can all be achieved through a customer reward program.

Customers are motivated by belonging

What is your brand’s identity and how do your customers relate to that? Do you have a loyalty program that makes members feel like they part of an exclusive club? Incorporating a loyalty marketing program such as the AIR MILES® Reward Program will make clients feel like they are a part of something bigger. Those who are already collectors will see your business as a part of the exclusive club that they already belong to. Approximately 11 million Canadians are AIR MILES Collectors – a pretty awesome group to be a part of!

Motivate customers with joy

Joy often comes with a great purchase, but joy also comes from a customer getting a little more than just their purchase. Getting a little something extra is always a source of great joy and a feeling of winning. Giving AIR MILES Reward Miles to your clients means that they get joy from their purchase, AND from the Miles.

Achievement is very motivating for your customers

Saving up for a big purchase can be a long process, but when we really want something, we make it happen. And how good does it feel to finally achieve that goal? Reward programs that offer points and miles work the same way. With each purchase, a collector will get closer to their goal. Many AIR MILES Collectors purchase strategically and are always looking for ways to earn the most Miles. They feel a big sense of achievement when they book a flight using Miles or make a merchandise purchase via

Offering incentives through a reward program achieves all of these goals. Customer reward programs are a modern must-have for all types of businesses.

Read more about rewarding customers in our ebook: Loyalty Programs, The New Business Imperative.

It’s time to start rewarding your customers and start gaining the benefits!

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