Customer experience is a hot term these days—and for good reason. Providing an excellent customer experience is a surefire way to build brand loyalty and trust! Happy customers will rave about your product or service, refer their friends, and leave positive reviews. Google reviews and product reviews on shopping sites are incredibly important in today’s business landscape. Prior to buying a product or service, shoppers always read reviews and feedback. There is no doubt that going forward, customer experience will determine your company’s success.

Here are our tips to improve customer experience:

Identify the challenges

The first step to providing a stellar customer experience is to gauge your current level of customer satisfaction. Start with a customer survey and chat with your employees. Front-line staff will know your customer’s pain points better than anyone. Find out what the challenges are and if there are broken steps in your sales process. You may want to create a customer journey map and buyer personas. This will highlight, step-by-step, what your customers need from you at each stage. When you understand your buyer’s perspective you can start solving their challenges. Also, read your businesses Google reviews and product reviews. Social media questions and polls are another quick way to gain instant feedback.

Educate your audience

If you’ve identified information gaps, you might want to create some educational content. This could include FAQ videos, blog posts, or infographics. If your product, service or sales process is complex, educating your audience will be an important step. For example, Hootsuite and HubSpot created online academies to educate their users!

Engage with your clientele online

Naturally, social media is a perfect place to engage your customers and grow your brand. Social platforms give us opportunities to connect with clients and keep them up to date. Be authentic, informative and give your followers value. Over time, they will look forward to your updates and your customer experience will improve as a result.

Reward your customers for their loyalty

A customer reward program can take customer experience from good, to great. For instance, when you reward customers for a purchase, or for a referral or birthday, it helps create an emotional connection with your brand. Plus, it keeps your company top of mind when they need to purchase again. With so many options these days we really should thank customers for choosing us.

After you’ve found the areas that need work, evaluate and put an improvement plan in place. Overall, as you solve problems and connect more with your customers, your customer experience will improve.

If you want to learn more about loyalty programs, read our ebook Loyalty Programs, The New Business Imperative. We explain why loyalty programs are more important than ever. Also, read this recent blog post that explains just how customer loyalty programs motivate your clientele.

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