When you work with AIR MILES Incentives, not only do you adopt the leading Reward Program in Canada, you also work with a team of experts in reward program design and management.


From our first conversations, when we want to learn all about your business, your history, your products and services, your challenges, your goals, your culture, and your team, to your program launch and ongoing optimization, we work together to make sure you get the most out of your AIR MILES® Reward Program.



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Reward Program Design

How you set up your reward offers will depend greatly on the goals you are trying to achieve.


Increase your Brand Awareness and Brand Value

For example, as a new business you may want to enhance your brand awareness and simply offering Miles for any purchases would make sense.


You can promote that your business offers AIR MILES® Reward Miles and as a result, consumers will notice you more and pay attention. They will also understand instantly that doing business with you includes getting rewarded, and that is likely to get you to the top of the consideration list.


For example, the AIR MILES brand is recognized by 99% of Canadians, which means that when consumers see the brand, they instantly recognize that it is a reward program. They quickly understand that you give added value compared to other businesses, and that can motivate them to choose you first.


Here are a few client testimonials:


“The AIR MILES® Reward Program carries the brand recognition that our customers recognize and value. It has helped us retain our market share in the highly competitive textbook market.”

Manager, Bookstore Partner


“Our AIR MILES® program has definitely helped with our clients’ decision between us and another flooring store. Since introducing the program, we’ve seen some growth in our sales. Last year was our best in over 60 years!”

David Martin, Manager, Vernes Carpet One


“AIR MILES® is a program that most people recognize. With so many rewards programs out there it is nice to be affiliated with a long-standing brand.”

Loralee Hunter, Manager, Modern Home



Boost Sales and Revenue

If however, you are trying to boost sales and increase revenue, you will provide incentives for higher spending, in the same way you would offer cash incentives or freebies, or extras. The benefit is that getting AIR MILES Reward Miles is a more valued reward than cash.


For example, customers at a mid-frequency retailer were offered the choice of two incentives: 3x the Miles or 15% cash discounts.

During the promotion, AIR MILES moved 30% more merchandise at less than 50% of the cost of the cash discount


When you offer reward incentives, you can drive shoppers to purchase specific products or services, to buy higher quantities, to spend more per transaction, to buy higher-end products and add-ons, and so much more. We can customize offers based on your specific goals.



Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

Now, what if you are in a highly competitive market (who isn’t), and you really need to find a way to stand out. Something different than cash discounts, which any of your competitors can do just the same.


Adding a reward program to your business offering is a unique value-add that customers just love, and it can be the slight push they need to choose your business over another. In fact, having a reward program is an integral part of a business’ marketing toolkit, and most major brands in Canada have one.


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This is just as effective online as it is offline. That wonderfully recognizable AIR MILES logo is all you need to tell consumers that you offer AIR MILES. It is that easy. You simply add the logo to all your sales, marketing, and advertising materials.


Competing on price alone is not always possible, so you need something else to make you stand out, to differentiate yourself from the other businesses out there. And you typically have only a few seconds for consumers to notice and choose you.


See why some of our Partners value this great competitive advantage:


“AIR MILES® is an integral part of our marketing program. We like to be able to say that we are the only real estate office in the area that can offer Miles with every purchase or sale.”

Manager, Real estate Partner


“New customers seem to find AIR MILES® a definite advantage to shopping with us rather than our competitors.”

Angie Hargraves, VPC, BrokerHouse Distributors Inc.


“AIR MILES® has helped us differentiate our business and we have seen a substantial increase in web traffic. We are having a tremendous year and have had progressive growth since launching our program.”

Hugh Sisley, President, Sisley Honda


“It’s hard to compete on dollars alone. AIR MILES is just understood, and so established in the marketplace. It offers incredible brand power, there is no question about it.”

Dale Hopkins, General Manager, RV City


“A loyalty program gives us an extra boost in a competitive market.”

Lorna Bateman, Marketing Manager for Hercules Group of Companies



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A Completely Customizable Reward Program

These are just the top three main goals we’ve seen with our Partners. We can design a reward program to achieve just about any business goal, including consumer programs, B2B programs, and employee programs.



Reward Program Launch and Management

Over more than ten years, we have built a solid process and extensive tools for you to launch and manage your reward program. We have different teams dedicated to the different steps, and Partners receive the support they need based on the nature of their program.


Our Launch Coordinator will walk the relevant members of your team through launch planning, program marketing, brand guidelines, in-store and online promotion of your offers, as well as best practices for your website. We also provide guidance on how to build marketing assets and have a selection of generic AIR MILES branded POS and digital assets.


Your team will receive training about the AIR MILES Reward Program, the benefits to your customers, and the use of our issuing tool, rewardBANK. Your employees are your frontline heroes and the more they understand the value of rewarding your customers, and the more enthusiasm they show, the better the outcomes for your reward program.


It doesn’t end there. We value long-term partnerships and we know that working closely with you to make sure your program works optimally, is a key factor to your success.


We have a group of dedicated Client Services Team Members (we call them Super CS). They will stay in touch with you, suggest ongoing reward offers and program optimizations, help you with program tracking and reporting, provide additional staff training if needed, and more.




Our Commitment to Our Partners

We have more than 60 years of combined reward and loyalty program expertise. When you become an AIR MILES INCENTIVES Partner, our Reward Program Experts are on YOUR Team.


We are proud to have made it possible for hundreds of businesses to become Partners in the AIR MILES Reward Program, and reward their customers in order to achieve their business growth objectives.


In the face of a rapidly changing Canadian market landscape and rising consumer expectations, our commitment to our Partners’ success is stronger than ever.



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