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Our retail Partner saw YOY growth in basket size, number of transactions, and gross sales overall.

Average collector transaction size grew by 59%

Number of transactions by collectors grew by 118%

Gross sales by collectors grew by 88%

AUTO: Test drive offer converts to sales and attracts first-time buyers

An auto Partner sent an email offering 50 Miles to collectors to incentivize test drives.

23% of test drives resulting from two targeted email campaign converted into sales

30% to 38% of buyers from test drive offer had never purchased the brand before

In addition, nearly 3/4 of test drive customers opted-in to ongoing communications, making it possible for the dealership to send these collectors additional offers in the future.

Insurance: Increase in monthly quotes

An insurance provider did a promotion during which all home and auto quote requests over a six-week period were entered into a contest for a chance to win 25,000 Miles.

50% increase in monthly quotes

69% increase in net new policies

The policy acceptance rate was 13 points above target

The average premium was 131% of plan


Honda dealership currently offers 1 Mile per $20 spent in their Parts & Service department. Since implementing this offer:

Thanks AIR MILES, transactions have increased by 39% from previous year

Collectors are spending 14% more than before the Program was implemented


A Ford dealership wanted to stand out from other Ford dealerships also running the Ford Family Pricing Event and increase their number of vehicles sold. They implemented a Spin-to-Win wheel where winners received up to 5,000 Miles on the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

15% increase in units sold year compared to the previous year


A mid-frequency retailer looking to attract customers who live outside of their primary trade area offered 1 Mile per $20 spent per transaction.

Over 50% of AIR MILES customers traveled more than 20km compared to 30% of average customers

Sales from outside 50km were 6 times higher for AIR MILES customers compared to existing customers


Customers at a mid-frequency retailer were offered the choice of two incentives: 3x the Miles or 15% cash discounts.

AIR MILES moved 30% more merchandise at less than 50% of the cost of the cash discount


On a Friday afternoon at a 2017 trade show, our RV Partner offered 3x the Miles on purchases made before 4 pm. The promotion resulted in four times their usual sales that morning.

Sold 8 units instead of the usual 1 or 2

It was their best Friday morning at a trade show, ever

Telecom: delivered stronger results at a lower cost

A telecommunications Partner seeking customer acquisition and retention offered customers a choice of a cash back offer, a gift certificate or Miles to make the switch from their current provider.

55% chose the Miles, 35% chose cash, and 10% chose the gift card

95% of customers who were still customers after one year had chosen Miles

The Miles cost 44% less than a cash incentive, and 27% less than the gift card

retail: Collectors spent nearly double

Looking to increase the average spend per transaction, a mid-frequency retailer offered customers 1  Mile per $20 spent and triple Miles on selected products.

Collectors spent 87% more than non-Collectors

They also spent an additional 75% during promotional periods

Collectors spend almost twice as much as non-collectors, plus their spend can be substantially increased during promotional periods.

B2B: reactivated dormant CUSTOMERS AND INCREASEd SPEND

Seeking to re-activate dormant customers and increase revenue, our B2B Partner offered 5 Miles for shipments plus up to 15 bonus Miles on select shipment destinations. Employees were also incentivized with 25 Miles for each new customer sign up.

30% YOY total revenue growth

Customer base and average revenue per user increased by 300%

Rental dealership: stimulated REPEAT BUSINESS and roi

A car rental services provider with the objective of increase rentals frequency used tiered bonus offers, providing collectors with incremental Miles with each AIR MILES transaction.

  • 1st rental: 10 Miles
  • 2nd rental: 15 Miles
  • 3rd rental: 30 Miles

They increased incremental revenue across all targeted collector segments and generated an ROI of over 142%


A used car dealership seeking to increase in-house financing and sell more vehicles implemented a consistent base offer in all departments, plus bonus offers to clear out inventory and increase customer loyalty.

62% of buyers chose in-house financing

The dealership sold 14% more vehicles YOY

RETAIL: increased frequency of visits

A specialty retail (low frequency) Partner sought to increase the frequency of shopper visits with the following offers:

  • Shop 1 time total, get 50 Miles
  • Shop 2 times total, get 125 Miles
  • Shop 3 times total, get 200 Miles

The offers were promoted over 7 months in direct mail and email campaigns and in store.

There was an increase of 34% in incremental visits during the promotion period

AUTO Service: increased vehicle servicing frequency

An auto service location implemented a one-year frequency card using Miles as the incentive.

25% more frequency card holders than non-cardholders had their vehicle serviced twice that year

Less than half of customers who only serviced once that year were frequency cardholders

Wellness: motivated positive behaviour change

Seeking to incentivize people to increase their physical activity, The YMCA Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada teamed up and began offering Miles for visits to the YMCA’s facilities.

49% of collectors members of the YMCA said the initiative helped them engage in physical activity at the facilities more often

63% of participating YMCA members visited between one and six more times each week when compared to their activity at the same time last year

retail: more effective OFFER cost less than cash

A high-frequency retailer offered three incentives to shoppers:

  • Discount only
  • Discount + AIR MILES Offer
  • AIR MILES Offer only

The AIR MILES only offer was chosen 70% more than the discount offer, 20% more than the combo offer, and cost the least for the retailer

Healthcare: Changes Customer Behaviour

Hearing company wanted to incentivize customers to purchase two units rather than one unit, increase total customer spend and attract new customers with free hearing tests


  •  75-150 AIR MILES Reward Miles for a free hearing test
  • One Unit All Levels: 200 Miles
  • Two Basic Units: 400 Miles
  • Two Advanced Units: 700 Miles
  • Two Premium Units: 1,000 Miles

Offer of 25 AIR MILES for a free hearing test resulted in a 41% purchase rate and collectors were 6% more likely to purchase two units over one unit when compared to non-collectors

REAL ESTATE: AIR MILES contest attracts customers

A real estate Partner ran a bonus offer in conjunction with a two-month contest in order to incentivize listings.

6x more transactions during the promotional period in comparison with the same period the year before

RV DEALER: AIR MILES customers spend more

Our RV dealer Partner offered 2x the Miles during a 2-month promotional period, among other offers.

AIR MILES collectors increased their purchases by 66% YOY compared to non-collectors

HEALTHCARE: AIR MILES logo branded emails deliver higher CTR

Our long-standing Partner conducted a testing of branded and non-branded emails.

Emails branded with the AIR MILES logo had a 178% higher click-through rate

HEALTHCARE: AIR MILES logobranded emails drives qualified leads

Our Partner in the healthcare industry uses AIR MILES logo branded email campaigns to drive collectors to convert on their website.

Higher open and click-through rates for AIR MILES branded emails

HEAVY TRUCK AND SERVICE: AIR MILES collectors spend more

Our Partner uses collector behavioural data to continually enhance offers and optimize program results.

AIR MILES collectors spent on average 24% more than non-AIR MILES collectors

TRANSPORTATION: AIR MILES attracts owner operators

Our Partner in the transportation industry awarded AIR MILES Reward Miles for good driver practices and behaviour.

97% employee retention rate

5.3% savings in recruitment, training and operational costs, resulting in savings of $2.5MM over the year

TRANSPORTATION: AIR MILES helps keep team safe

In order to engage employees and promote safety-at-work practices, our Partner awarded its employees with Miles for every day without injury and promoted an AIR MILES Safety Bingo with all warehouse employees.

100% Team participation

86% increase in no loss time days

WSIB rebate of over $130,000

Very positive ROI with happy and safe employees


MINING: AIR MILES keeps employees engaged

Our Partner leveraged the AIR MILES Reward Program as an employee incentive program to improve employee retention and engagement, as well as to reduce lost time hours for injury and illness.

80% employee participation rate

Average Miles received per employee was 3,700 Miles

Reduced workplace injuries and increased employee engagement