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A Guide for Small to Medium-Sized Canadian Businesses


Are you contemplating a reward program and wondering how to become an AIR MILES Partner? You could be part of the highly regarded AIR MILES® Reward Program and reward your customers with AIR MILES® Reward Miles to help your business grow.*


It’s no secret that reward programs have become an essential part of any marketing tool kit in a modern marketplace where consumers have endless choices and information at their fingertips – literally from anywhere, thanks to mobile phones.


Most markets and industries face increasingly fierce competition, and consumers are not only hoping for the best value and a superior customer experience, they have come to expect it.


Businesses across Canada envision starting their own reward programs and quickly learn it is not a simple endeavor.


It involves building the Program, creating the necessary materials and processes, marketing the program, signing up participants, and ultimately being responsible for managing and evaluating the program’s effectiveness. It’s no wonder these companies are looking for alternatives to doing it all on their own.


Keep reading to learn how to become an AIR MILES Partner and what it can do for your business.


  • Can I have the AIR MILES Reward Program for my business?
  • Why choose the AIR MILES Reward Program?
  • What types of businesses can be AIR MILES Partners in Canada?
  • Why should I adopt the AIR MILES Reward Program for my business?
  • What makes AIR MILES business model unique?



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Can I have the AIR MILES Reward Program for my business?


There are a few alternatives to building your own reward program. Having the AIR MILES Reward Program is one of the options thanks to AIR MILES INCENTIVES, a tailored and flexible solution made specifically to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.


AIR MILES INCENTIVES makes it possible for a qualified business to become an AIR MILES Partner and have one of Canada’s best reward programs.*


All at once, a new Partner becomes part of a national coalition of businesses with thousands of locations across Canada. This Partner also immediately has 11 million participants, the infrastructure for Collectors to earn Miles and receive customer support, and Reward options that include travel, merchandise, entertainment, cash, and more.


Hundreds of local and regional Partners have rewarded their customers as a means to grow their business with AIR MILES INCENTIVES.


Our team of reward program experts can help you navigate the complex steps to building a successful program for your business.



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Why choose the AIR MILES Reward Program?


Starting your own reward program is a big undertaking, and the time spent doing this is time away from running your business and making sure you are reaching your business goals. Adopting an existing program is far simpler.

The benefits of getting the AIR MILES Reward Program are:

  • Access to reward program experts to help you create Miles offers to drive the results you want.
  • The AIR MILES brand is recognized and trusted by a large majority of Canadian consumers.
  • There are 11 million Canadian households already active in the Program, and they are always looking for ways to get more Miles.
  • There are hundreds of Partners in the coalition, including major brands like Shell and Bank of Montreal, and thousands of places for Collectors to get Miles.
  • There are over one thousand reward options so customers can choose what matters most to them, and you don’t have to worry about sourcing and managing rewards. Check out reward options here.
  • You’ll receive support throughout the entire process to make sure you get the most out of your reward program.


Best of all, AIR MILES has been around for almost 30 years, continuously growing and evolving to meet Collectors’ needs.


There is an entire team of people behind the AIR MILES Reward Program who are entirely focused on keeping Collectors happy and engaged, and ensuring the Program continues to thrive.



Learn more about the benefits of choosing AIR MILES here





What types of businesses can be AIR MILES Partners?


Foundational AIR MILES Partners include credit cards, gas, grocery, pharmacy, liquor, home improvement, and various retail.


AIR MILES INCENTIVES Partners include:

  • Auto Dealers
  • RV and Power Sports Dealers
  • Home Builders and Developers
  • Home Services and Products – such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, storage, etc.
  • Real Estate
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) – such as transportation, surgical equipment, machinery distributors, etc.
  • Health and Pet Products and Services
  • Recreation
  • And many more…


These businesses all have different goals, sizes, and team structures. There are single-location companies and those that have over 100 locations. We also have Partners that operate mostly or exclusively online.


The advantage of being an AIR MILES Partner is that you get to be part of an established national reward program, with the brand awareness and credibility it provides.*


You also receive ongoing support, and you can customize reward offers to your specific needs and goals. It doesn’t get better than that.



See all AIR MILES INCENTIVES Partners here.


Why should I adopt the AIR MILES Reward Program for my business?


It is proven to drive growth.


All Partners in the AIR MILES Reward Programs have different goals and plans, but they have one thing in common. They have seen proof that it works.


Think of Shell, BMO, Safeway, and Sobeys, for example. These core Partners have been in the Program for decades, and they wouldn’t keep doing it if it didn’t work.


That being said, results from one Partner to another will vary quite a bit. They tend to be determined by a Partner’s investment and engagement in their reward program.


Here are some examples of AIR MILES INCENTIVES Partner results:

  • 39% year-over-year sales growth
  • Up to 118% increase in the number of transactions
  • Up to 59% in average spend per transaction from AIR MILES customers
  • 69% increase in net new contracts
  • 75% increase in spending during an AIR MILES promotional period



The investment is directly tied to results.


Compared to other marketing costs, such as advertising, sales collateral, website setup and maintenance, trade shows, promotional events, etc., having a reward program is not a significant expense.


The fact is, becoming an AIR MILES Partner is the best way to manage your reward program costs. You build your reward offers based on your goals and budget, and your expenditures are directly tied to the profitable behaviours you’re trying to produce.


Some business owners and managers may shy away from having a reward program, as they envision a considerable investment in money and resources to make it happen and no understanding of the return they can expect.


This is mainly due to a lack of awareness as opposed to evidence showing this is the case. When built and executed well, a reward program will drive positive business results.


Here’s how:

  • Build offers around your specific business goals, such as attracting new customers, increasing transaction size, retaining customers, boosting sales of specific products and services, upselling, etc.
  • Ensure your frontline staff is knowledgeable and excited about the Program.
  • Promote your reward program and offers in all your marketing and sales materials.
  • Set-up basic tracking processes to measure the changes in sales, revenue, and customer behaviours.


Since AIR MILES Partners only give Miles to their customers after they’ve taken the desired action, they are not spending blindly without seeing the actual impact.


Giving Miles for a first-time visit or product trial, or for making a purchase or buying a certain amount at a specific time, links the investment directly to that result.


You give Miles when you get results. Period.



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It improves your brand awareness and value.


The strategy of aligning one’s business with another, founded on a shared affinity and a common goal, is not new.


In this case, making the AIR MILES Reward Program your reward program delivers both the brand enhancement and the turnkey reward program your business needs.


The AIR MILES brand has been around for nearly 30 years and enjoys 99% brand recognition across Canada. It is a highly trusted brand, and 11 million Canadian households participate in the Program.


The little blue airplane logo is instantly recognizable as the AIR MILES Reward Program, making it incredibly easy and cost-effective for your business to incorporate it into your existing marketing efforts and materials.


Co-branding your business alongside AIR MILES instantly increases your brand status and how you are perceived in your market and online.


And, thanks to decades of investment by AIR MILES in building up the Program’s brand recognition, all you have to do to achieve this is add the little blue logo. It’s that easy.



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It increases sales and revenue by providing an influential incentive.


Most businesses rely on special discounts or freebies as incentives when trying to boost sales, with the knowledge that doing so, in most cases, will increase overall transactions and, therefore, total revenue.


The challenge with that strategy lies in the price wars that can often occur in a tight market and the impact on your margins when you’re caught up in it.


In some cases, discounts can also cause a decline in the perceived value of your products and services, from which it can be challenging to recover.


Giving AIR MILES Reward Miles as an incentive encourages consumers to:

  • Pay closer attention to a particular business when shopping online.
  • Pick one service provider or product over another.
  • Give specific products or services a try for the first time.
  • Purchase specific products or services.
  • Buy at a particular time, or buy more and more often.
  • Return to a business for ongoing purchases and services.
  • Recommend a company to friends and family or on social media.
  • And much more…



It makes customers happy and they tend to tell other people about it.


Today, more than ever, customers share positive and negative experiences with their personal and professional networks.


Having the AIR MILES Reward Program is not only a business driving marketing tool; it’s an investment in delivering a superior customer experience with indirect benefits that also contribute to revenue growth.



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