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9 Metrics to Measure the Effectiveness of your Loyalty Program

    Loyalty programs deliver positive results for businesses big and small. The importance of customer loyalty is widely known, but not all marketers and business owners… continue reading

AIR MILES Collectors can earn Miles at any of Pattison Food Group’s 257 participating grocery retailer locations

  By linking any Canadian-issued Mastercard to their AIR MILES card, collectors can earn Reward Miles on eligible purchases in-store at one of Pattison Food Group’s 8… continue reading

Five B2B Customer Retention Strategies to Increase Revenue

  The loyalty of your customers directly impacts your business’s revenue. If customers are quick to churn, your business suffers. When customers stay loyal to your brand,… continue reading

Six Ways to Get More Customer Referrals

  Referrals are the strongest predictor of customer loyalty and a positive experience with your business. When customers love your business, they want to tell their friends… continue reading

5 Tips for Making Your Customers Love You

  Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. They’re also your primary source of revenue and a measure of how successful your company is. If you… continue reading

Customer Retention Defined

You spend a lot of time and money on initially attracting customers. So naturally it makes sense that instead of fighting for new customers with each new… continue reading

Top 10 Loyalty and Reward Program Statistics

  Whether you currently have your own loyalty or reward program, or you are considering starting one, here are the Canadian Loyalty Statistics you need to know:… continue reading

The Best Auto Repair Loyalty Program

  Canadians today looking at auto shops are asking for better service, faster repairs, and reasons to return to the same shop. Auto loyalty programs may not… continue reading

Sales Gamification Ideas

Today, gamification is used everywhere, and consumers enjoy some form of gamification in various parts of their lives. As a result, more and more businesses are looking… continue reading

Our Reward Program Experts are on YOUR Team

    When you work with AIR MILES Incentives, not only do you adopt the leading Reward Program in Canada, you also work with a team of… continue reading