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9 metrics to measure the effectiveness of your loyalty program

    Loyalty programs deliver positive results for businesses big and small. The importance of customer loyalty is widely known, but not all marketers and business owners… continue reading

The AIR MILES® Reward Program is extremely versatile in the B2B space

  While most people may view AIR MILES as a retail reward program, business-to-business (B2B) companies have joined the growing list of AIR MILES Partners to stand… continue reading

Top 7 Loyalty Program Goals

    Do you want to grow your business? What if there was one solution that could help you attract more customers or clients to your business,… continue reading

AIR MILES INCENTIVES Launches Shopify App to Engage Canadian Small Businesses

  As published on Newswire.    TORONTO, December 15, 2021 – The AIR MILES® Reward Program is proud to support the launch of the AIR MILES INCENTIVES®… continue reading

Top 10 Loyalty and Reward Program Statistics

  Whether you currently have your own loyalty or reward program, or you are considering starting one, here are the Canadian Loyalty Statistics you need to know:… continue reading

AIR MILES® Bolsters the Collector Experience Through a Series of Program Enhancements

Set against a refreshed, modern and whimsical visual identity, Canada’s most recognized loyalty program introduces more redemption benefits, more ways to earn, and more promo opportunities for… continue reading

AIR MILES Hit Historic MILEstone, Issuing 100 Billionth Reward Mile

  Canada’s most recognized loyalty program thanks its Partners and Collectors for joining this incredible journey!   The AIR MILES Reward Program is celebrating an incredible milestone,… continue reading

B2B Loyalty Programs – How They Work and Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

    B2B loyalty or reward programs are marketing solutions that help organizations establish stronger relationships with the businesses that buy from them.  While commonplace in the… continue reading

Grow revenue by increasing number of transactions and average spend

    One of the most effective ways our Partners have increased their sales is by increasing their number of transactions and the average spent per transaction.… continue reading

Your Guide to Customer Incentive Programs

Did you know that the Canadian advertising market is among the ten largest ad markets in the world? In 2019, Canadian businesses invested more than 11 billion… continue reading