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As we move into a new decade, it’s a great time to rethink our marketing methods. In recent years we’ve seen huge changes in how information is… continue reading

Strategies For B2B Customer Loyalty

Many business-to-business (B2B) companies struggle to build customer loyalty. Truthfully, it can be more challenging to build loyalty within the B2B environment. Many B2B companies have longer… continue reading

The Benefits of Business Partnerships

Teaming up with another business to form a partnership could be a great decision for your company. Partnerships allow you to leverage another business’s knowledge and resources,… continue reading

The Benefits of Rewarding Customers Beyond Purchases

Most businesses start customer loyalty programs because they want to grow their business and earn more revenue. Rewarding customers when they buy from you is a great… continue reading

Not Having A Customer Loyalty Program Is Costing You Money

It’s no secret, a customer loyalty program is The New Business Imperative. Businesses all over the country are bringing loyalty programs into their marketing mix and experiencing… continue reading

How Brand Advocates Affect Your Bottom Line

Who are your happiest and most loyal customers? Do you know them by name? If not, it might be time to get to know them and devote… continue reading

How Loyalty Programs Help Grow Home Services Businesses

We live in a time where consumers expect to be rewarded for their purchases. Many will even change their usual shopping habits when an opportunity to earn… continue reading

Why Reward Programs Are Long-Term Business Solutions 

Reward programs need time to deliver their full results. There are many initial benefits to starting a program, but the best value is seen in the long… continue reading

AIR MILES® Contests Get Great Results

Century 21 Grand Prairie Realty joined the AIR MILES Reward Program with lots of energy. Client Services Specialist, Amy Owen, recommended to start things off with a… continue reading

Five Tips for Marketing Your Reward Program

There are many benefits to having a reward program but, to be successful you must market your program effectively. A successful program will feature promotions and special… continue reading