Many business-to-business (B2B) companies struggle to build customer loyalty. Truthfully, it can be more challenging to build loyalty within the B2B environment. Many B2B companies have longer and more complex sales cycles and less engaged buyers. B2B marketers have their work cut out for them as they attempt to gain more repeat business.

If building loyalty is a goal for your B2B company, a customer reward program could be your best option. In fact, reward programs can be just as beneficial in a business-to-business environment as they are in B2C. Nurturing business relationships is something that is critical across all industries. However, B2B businesses should tailor loyalty program efforts a little differently.

Here at AIR MILES INCENTIVES, our B2B Partners are using the AIR MILES® Reward Program strategically to drive incredible results. AIR MILES is Canada’s most recognized reward program that even offers business-specific Collector accounts. So, as a business, you can collect AIR MILES Reward Miles to use within your organization. Miles can be used for over 1200 different rewards and incentives. Moreover, the power of the AIR MILES brand and these incentives are proven to drive results for businesses of all kinds.

Here are some examples of AIR MILES offers that encourage B2B customer loyalty:

  • Increase transaction amounts – Tiered Offers such as, “Spend $150 and get 50 Bonus Miles” and, “Spend $250 and get 200 Bonus Miles.”
  • Reactivate dormant clients – We miss you! Place a new order by Feb 10th and get 3x Bonus Miles.
  • Protect profit margins on accounts receivables – Pay within 30 days and get 25 Bonus Miles.
  • Incentivize long-term contacts or renewals – Renew today and get 1,000 Bonus Miles.
  • Offer Miles for referrals to grow your client base – Refer a new client and get 100 Bonus Miles.
  • Add urgency to prospects – Book a meeting before March 31 and get 50 Bonus Miles.

Most importantly, the Program gets results. We get great feedback and results from our B2B Partners all the time that reinforces the value they get from the Program.

Here are just a few of our B2B Partner outcomes:

30% increase in revenue from growth in overall customer base and average revenue per user

$130K in cost savings resulting from a 22.6% decrease in lost-time injuries

3,250 clients made the change to electronic invoicing resulting in significant cost savings

View more Partner outcomes and case studies.


The AIR MILES® Reward Program has been getting results for businesses for over over 25 years.

75% of consumers will choose a business that offers Miles over one that doesn’t.

2/3 consumers will change how they shop and how much they spend to maximize Miles.


If these examples have captured your interest, request a no-obligation free assessment today. Our team of loyalty experts would be happy to help you design your own results-focused B2B reward program. Of course, we make this easy for you. Our team will work with you to design a program around your specific needs. It’s time to start rewarding your customers and start gaining the benefits!

Getting started with the AIR MILES Reward Program is easy!

  • Together, we discuss your goals and challenges and build a customized program.
  • We will train your staff and help you launch your program.
  • You get the tools to promote and manage your program successfully.
  • Your account manager and client services team is only a call or an email away. We’ve got your back!


Contact us now to find out how you can get started today.