While most people may view AIR MILES as a retail reward program, business-to-business (B2B) companies have joined the growing list of AIR MILES Partners to stand out from their competition and achieve specific business results with this powerful incentive.


Attracting new business, converting clients to cost-saving processes, motivating clients to buy during slow periods or buy all their products with the same supplier are only some of the ways AIR MILES is helping B2B Partners grow their business.


Kate Booth, Vice President, Business Development & Partner with AIR MILES Incentives, says that business owners and managers quickly realize how versatile and effective offering their business clients AIR MILES Reward Miles can be for their company.


AIR MILES is effective in helping to retain clients and increase spending among business Collectors. “Clients do less shopping around before making a buying decision when there are Miles to be earned,” explains Booth. Surgo Surgical Supply is one business that saw that shift right away.


“They experienced a 3% increase in spending among AIR MILES Collectors almost immediately, and in their first year an average of 256 customers per month provided their Collector number to start receiving Miles.”


Getting Miles for doing business with a B2B Partner is not only a great reward, but it also enables those clients to pay it forward. “As an added benefit, business clients can share the Miles they get with their own employees.  It creates a win-win for the Sponsor, the Client and the employees” explains Booth.


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