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the benefits of an established reward program

Running an in-house reward program comes with many challenges. From deciding what type of reward program to start, figuring out what rewards your customers will care about, advertising the program, to setting up the technology and processes to run the program, you are looking at a significant investment in time and resources.

The AIR MILES® Reward Program has been the top coalition reward program in Canada for over 25 years, is proven to get results, and qualified businesses can adopt it as their reward program in very little time.

the most recognized loyalty program in Canada


Brand Recognition

The most recognized reward program in Canada



Of changing consumer behaviour and proven partner results


Canadian Households

Two thirds of all Canadian households actively participate in the program



Including travel, attractions, entertainment, merchandise, AIR MILES Cash and more

Instant Access to a Wide Selection of Rewards

Meaningful rewards influence behaviour change and the AIR MILES® Reward Program has over 1,200 Rewards to motivate your customers! They can choose what matters most to them from a wide variety of options, including travel, attractions, entertainment, merchandise and AIR MILES Cash! Collectors can get AIR MILES Reward Miles from thousands of Partner locations, which means they can get rewarded faster and get great Rewards for every day purchases.


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Merchandise from 420 Miles

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Travel & Getaways from 1,200 Miles


Events & Attractions from 250 Miles


AIR MILES Cash from 95 Miles

a solution that fits easily into your business

As an established reward program, AIR MILES is very easy to integrate it into your business. The program is well-known and valued, a huge number of Canadians participate in the Program, and there are thousands of places to get Miles. Associating your business with the trusted AIR MILES brand gives you instant recognition and customers can’t wait to get rewarded for their business.


Add AIR MILES logo to all marketing materials


Train and get staff excited about the program


Adopt proven guidelines and best practices


Promote your offers online and on site


Get ongoing support from Account Manager

I was surprised to find out that the majority of my customers considered getting Miles a significant factor in deciding where to shop.

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